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⚫ The exhibition will focus on the construction material and technology seminar in the field, and look at one-stop service.
今天六合开奖结果 ⚫ The exhibition is divided into different area based on material classified in order to attract eyeballs and make unique exhibition in templates, scaffolding field. 

⚫ Attracting target audiences, inviting the Architectural Planning and Design Institute, Engineering Department of Property Developer, Bridge Construction Unit, Decoration Company, Construction Company, Construction Supervision Unit, Government Procurement Department, Building Material Trade and Agent Company to attend this exhibition.
⚫ Building platform for exhibitors. (www.ddhxs.com)
⚫ Printing 500 thousand tickets and thousand invitations to insiders though the host and relation media companies.
⚫ Increasing the effectively in relative field via the national and professional media reports.
⚫ Making the “preview of the exhibition” booklets before the exhibition, introducing exhibitors and products and send to important clients.

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